Hart of Nipigon

This is a collection of me. Things I do, Places I go, opinions, more opinions and local news and information I feel is relevant to the community and region.

The views and opinions expressed here are mine. Sometimes opinions, sometimes facts, either way its the truth as I see it. I do research subjects thoroughly in general by logical me, although sometimes the passion for particular subjects will get away from logical me and hand it over to emotional me.


Vision, Issues, & Values

My vision is for a robust tourism industry for the region based in Nipigon. From tourism operators, to products and services to the industry as a whole. We have this great renewable resource that’s in demand. 

Community Growth

  • We have a tourism industry now.
  • Developed websites to market and sell travelers on visiting the area.
  • Developed unique digital and print products to promote the area.
  • Working with travelers everyday through operation of a bait shop.
  • The key to growth is expanding and  enhancing what draws people here. 

Community Commitment

  • To be keep information open to the people of Nipigon and  the region as a whole.
  • Work with all those who have a vision of Nipigon future to help them achieve their goals.
  • Continue creating tourism related info and products to draw and keep people here.
  • Make sure services that can be provided  in Nipigon, stay in Nipigon. Make Council accountable if not.
  • Transparency and openness in decisions for the town. The people need to know whats going on.

 Community Involvement

  • Past President Chamber of Commerce.
  • Economic Development Committee Member.
  •  Donates time and skills to local churches  and organisations.
  •  Volunteered two summers at Tourist Info Center (Hundreds of Hours).
  • A strong proponent of tourism and helping travelers discover and explore this area.

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” – Donny Miller

About me

My family and I moved to Nipigon in January 2007 as I took a position working as a geologist in Beardmore/Geraldton.

I have worked as a baker, short order cook, salesperson, electronics technician, computer technician, systems specialist, web designer, web programmer, graphic designer, computer skills trainer in Nova Scotia before choosing to move to Nipigon to work as a geologist.

I have a trades diploma as an electronics technician, a bachelor of science degree with honours in earth sciences. I also hold numerous certifications in computer and software-related disciplines. I have never stopped learning, and will not. I am never content with just accepting something without knowing as much about it as possible.



News, Information & Ramblings 

Do what needs to be done!

Of late politicians of all levels have been starting to address the long-standing and long-lasting issues with single-use plastics. Let's ban them by 2021 says our federal government. The Thunder Bay Municipal League acknowledges changes need to be made. Single-use...

Lets Get Gardening

Lets Get gardening   A garden box can be anything with sides and open on the bottom: tires, old canoes with holes, bathtubs, window boxes and of course the simple wood box. To start a single simple 2-foot by 2-foot box, you will need an eight-foot length of 2x6...

Upcoming Nipigon Gazette

Nipigon Gazette     As some of you may be aware I am now editing, designing and writing at the Nipigon Gazette. Not a huge jump for me and I have some great ideas and plans going forward. My first centerfold edition will be coming out this week (Tuesday June 11)...

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