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Dorion Council Agenda – May 7 2019


The next regular meeting of Council will be held on:
Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Time: 7:00 p.m. Place: Board Room
1. Calling to Order
2. Deputations
3. Declarations, Municipal Conflict of Interest
4. Adoption of Agenda
5. Minutes of Previous Meetings
i) April 16, 2019 – Regular Meeting
ii) April 17, 2019 – Committee of the Whole
6. Business Arising from the Minutes
7. Finances and Accounts
i) Disbursements
ii) Revenue & Expenditure Report – March 2019
iii) Reserves
8. Reports of Municipal Officers
i) Public Works Supervisor Monthly Activity Report – April 2019
ii) Councillor Brown – Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Authority Meeting Update
iii) Councillor Dumonski – Maintenance Committee Update
iv) Councillor Beatty, CEMC – Northwest Response Forum Report
v) Reeve Chambers – NOMA Conference Report
9. Reports of Committees and Boards
i) Workplace Inspection Reports – April 2019
ii) TBDHU – minutes of March 20, 2019 meeting
iii) TBDSSAB – minutes of March 21, 2019 meeting (open & closed)
iv) LRCA – minutes of Lakehead Source Protection Authority (SPA) meeting – October 31, 2018
v) LRCA – minutes of March 27, 2019 meeting
10. Unfinished Business
i) RFP – Landfill
ii) RFP – Official Plan Update & Zoning By-law Review
iii) Draft Seasonal Road Policy Review
iv) Enbridge – Funding Application Notifications
v) Modernization Fund – Updates
11. By-laws
i) To accept Equipment Tenders for Road Maintenance
ii) To adopt a Council-Staff Relations Policy
12. New Business
i) Social Media – Library
ii) JML Engineering – Consulting Engineering Proposal – Pre-Design Report ~ Replacement Coldwater Drive Bridge over Coldwater Creek
13. Correspondence
i) MNRF – Review of Long-Term Management Direction – Lakehead Forest 2020-2030 Forest Management Plan
ii) Senate of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment – Support for new war memorial in recognition of the 52nd (New Ontario) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force
iii)Hon. Patty Hajdu – Open the remaining two infrastructure streams (green, community culture and recreation)
iv)Cheryl Gallant –a) Bill C-28 – Foreign Lobbyist Transparency Act; b) Bill C-68 ~ Reversing changes to the Fisheries Act
v) Municipality of Shuniah – Updated version of Shuniah’s Draft Official Plan and mapping schedules
vi)NextBridge – Pre-Construction Open Houses – May 2019
vii) MFOA – Provincial Budget 2019
viii) Superior North Catholic District School Board – Before-and-After School Program survey results
ix) Nipigon OPP Detachment – Township of Dorion 1st Quarter Report
x) Municipality of Grey Highlands – OMPF
xi) City of Brantford – Single-Use Plastic Straws
xii) Town of Minto – OMPF
xiii) Thank you note – Dorothy Edmond
14. Public Question Period
15. Council Members’ Comments
16. Closed Session
i) A proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board
17. Adjournment

 Edge Arts Studio = New front Street revitalization of abandoned buildings into art centric work space and training facility



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