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January 8, 2019 meeting Agenda




Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

1. Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest

2. Minutes

a) Approve previous minutes

3. Finance

a) Confirm and Approve Accounts
b) OMPF 2019 
c) Pre Budget Consultation Budget 2019

4. Econ. Development

a) TIC Operation Proposal
b) OBIAA 2019 Membership/Digital Main Street

5. Planning a) Land Sales – Settler’s Rd

6. Sundries

a) Social Media Policy 
b) GLSLCI 2019 Membership Renewal 
c) East West Transmission Line Update
d) OGRA 2019
e) AMO – Summary of 2018 Completed Legislation 
f) Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame

7. Any other Business

8. Adjourn

What does it mean?

OMPF = Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund

TIC Operation Proposal = Presentation of proposal to operate the Tourist Information Center by Private Business

OBIAA = Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (and Conference)

GLSLCI  = Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

OGRA 2019 = Ontario Good Roads Association Conference

AMO –  =  Association of Municipalities Ontario

My thoughts…


Pre Budget consultation – time to sharpen those pencils and stretch our taxpayer dollars. 

Kinda biased on this meeting as it appears to include my own proposal to operate the Tourist Information Center.

 Social media strategy will be interesting, a little behind the times but essential in my opinion as long as they get the right information to make an educated decision.

Land sale on Settlers road? Will this cut off access to the numerous stocked lakes? Will it limit potential future trail or recreational possibilities? Again biased because I send alot of fisher people to the stocked lakes and even have a map specific to Settlers Road.

Membership renewals in all these organizations? Some of them are quite pricey and mostly based and geared towards big towns in Southern Ontario? What is the true benefit to them? What honest results would be expected from attending the conferences?


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