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Call for “applications” to fill vacant council seat.

My application to become a town Councillor for Nipigon. 

How do I feel about the choice to allow council to arbitrarily appoint someone to a council that is supposed to represent the people? Read my opinion here!


Recently, Councillor Collins has decided to step down and move to be closer to her family, good for her.

Most people in town who follow this development assumed that I, who ran in the last democratic election in Nipigon would be offered her spot on the Council since I had narrowly (15 votes) came short in the 2018 election. This is not the case. Instead, they have put out a call to anyone in Nipigon to apply for the position and council will pick which applicant they feel will be the best fit.

This is the application I sent this morning (June 19 2020).








Dear Mayor and Council,

I am applying for the current vacant council seat on the Nipigon Town Council. I consented to accept the office when I ran and was a close runner up in the 2018 democratic election and am re-affirming that I still consent to accept this responsibility now.



  • Ran in the 2018 democratic election with 54% of votes. Since that time, my profile and support in the township have grown.
  • Involved in municipal functions and have maintained a seat on the Economic Development Committee for years and am well versed in municipal governance, funding and operation/duties of council and staff.
  • Volunteered in local groups and organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, where I was directly responsible for the repayment of the Chamber’s $10,000 debt to the township/people of Nipigon. Under my guidance, the Chamber grew to the point of sustainability and even profitability. This is an example of my belief that all fiscal responsibilities should always be maintained when using taxpayer’s money.
  • Currently the president of the Horticultural Society and a member of the Blueberry Blast Committee. I am heavily involved in the Nipigon Legion and have been assisting in their re-configuration and re-opening of the Legion Bar. I am dedicated to local groups and organizations as they are what make our community what it is.
  • Editor of the Nipigon-Red Rock Gazette and the Terrace Bay-Schreiber News. This directly exposes me to many of the happenings, events and issues in local towns and the region. This also gives me unique access to the current interests and thoughts of Nipigon’s populace.
  • My businesses include the Nipigon River Bait Shop, GH Computer Services, and Through these, I have accumulated, created, and updated a broad array of information from fishing maps, trail maps, guidebooks to websites, GPS smartphone apps and digital media to attract tourists and travelers to this area and sustain tourism. I understand what media is available, what’s needed and how to efficiently create deploy and market these products and media as inexpensively as possible to save taxpayer dollars.
  • My websites, and, have generated hundreds of thousands of views every year as people actively seek information on the Nipigon area. This also generates communications from potential travelers giving me a unique view on where Nipigon stands as a destination/tourism hub. It is my sincere desire to promote and build the tourism industry in Nipigon and throughout the region. This gives me insight and direct access to tourists to our town, their needs and their thoughts.
  • Technologically savvy and hold computer-related certifications in technology, computer/web design, GIS/Mapmaking, 3D modelling, networking, communications, and commonly used computer programs. I speak the language of technology and can help the efficient and proper deployment and maintenance of multiple aspects of technological innovation and product development, allowing for cost savings to the taxpayers of Nipigon.
  • As a geologist in the Beardmore area, I oversaw raising millions of dollars in exploration funds and was responsible for all aspects of hiring and running multi-million-dollar exploration programs and following MNRF and Ministry of Mining and Northern Development guidelines. I have extensive experience working with local municipalities, indigenous communities, and all other levels of government in that position.
  • During this time, I was a director of the Greenstone Economic Development Corporation, assisting directly in bringing a multi-million-dollar assay lab to Geraldton and creating a large driller – helper program to train residents for employment on diamond drill rigs. This follows my belief to hire locally, and the importance of training, especially local, and training opportunities to advance in any job field or complete job shifts.
  • All of my experiences have solidified my strong belief in shop/hire local and the power of local people within our communities.


Thank you,

Glenn Hart; PH: 807-889-0707; 21 Second Street Nipigon Ontario;

2018 election results:




What does it mean?

I, in the last election, received 54% of votes. More votes in fact than our Mayor. 15 votes less than Councillor Collins.


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