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May 28, 2019 meeting Agenda


Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

1. Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest

2. Minutes a) Approve previous minutes

3. Finance a) Confirm and Approve Accounts

4. Delegation a) Thunder Bay Regional Hospital response
b) GONPS SK/Gr 1 Presentation – Plastic

5. Public Works a) Natural Edge EcoPark Progress Update

6. EDC a) Edge Arts Committee Minutes of May 15, 2019

7. Recreation a) Minutes of May 13, 2019

8. Health a) Minutes of April 17, 2019

9. Sundries a) TBDSSAB 2018 Audited Report
b) TBDSSAB Mins of April 18/2019
c) Invitation to NMCA Policy Consultations
d) Prosperity Northwest June 5/2019
e) Butterfly Posters
f) Resolutions i) Twp of Bonnehere Valley

10. Any other Business

11. Adjourn

Download the agenda (PDF)


What does it mean?

OMPF = Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund

TIC Operation Proposal = Presentation of proposal to operate the Tourist Information Center by Private Business

OBIAA = Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (and Conference)

GLSLCI  = Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

OGRA 2019 = Ontario Good Roads Association Conference

AMO –  =  Association of Municipalities Ontario



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