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The  information here is for your knowledge, if you see something that is being discussed at the town level, attend the meeting, ask questions, make your opinions known.

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I’m now considered a “CON” by Nipigon Council

Council Watch Call for "applications" to fill vacant council seat.  Recently, Councillor Collins has decided to step down and move to be closer to her family, good for her. Most people in town who follow this development assumed that I, who ran in the last...

Red Rock Council Agenda July 15

Council Watch Red Rock Council Agenda - July 15 2019   AGENDA FOR THE COUNCIL MEETING OF THE CORPORATIONOF THE TOWNSHIP OF RED ROCKFOR THE 883rd MEETING OF JULY 15th, 2019ACTIONITEM TAKEN1. Additions to Agenda2. Disclosure of Interest3. Presentation4. Minutes of...


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December 10 2019 Ice and Snow Report

December 10 2019 Ice and Snow Report

Snow and Ice Report for December 20, 2019December 20 2019 Ice Chart:Compare to 2018 ice chart:Map from : Environment Canada Ice forecast Ice Products located at: and snow report - December 20, 2019 Glenn Hart Calm, cold...


In 2015 Justin Trudeau ran a large part of his campaign on that election being the last "First past the post" election. He would bring in a much more democratic voting method, proportional representation. In first past the post elections, the government is formed by...

Do what needs to be done!

Do what needs to be done!

Of late politicians of all levels have been starting to address the long-standing and long-lasting issues with single-use plastics. Let's ban them by 2021 says our federal government. The Thunder Bay Municipal League acknowledges changes need to be made. Single-use...

Lets Get Gardening

Lets Get Gardening

Lets Get gardening   A garden box can be anything with sides and open on the bottom: tires, old canoes with holes, bathtubs, window boxes and of course the simple wood box. To start a single simple 2-foot by 2-foot box, you will need an eight-foot length of 2x6...

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