Council Watch

May 1st 2019 meeting Agenda


Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

1. Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest

2. Minutes a) Approve previous minutes

3. Finance a) Confirm and Approve Accounts
b) Nipigon OPP 1st Quarter Report

4. Public Works a) Minutes of April 23/2019

5. EDC a) Minutes of April 10th, 2019
b) Trails Committee Minutes of March 27, 2019
c) Trails Committee Minutes of April 24, 2019
d) Edge Arts Committee Minutes of March 19, 2019

6. Recreation a) Minutes of April 15, 2019

7. Planning a) Sale of Land – Settler’s Road

8. Health a) TBDHU Mins of March 20/2019

9. Cemetery a) Minutes of April 25/2019

10. Sundries a) TBDSSAB Mins of March 21/2019
b) Nipigon Public Library Mins of March 27/2019
c) Twp of Red Rock Sewage Plant Announcement
d) Ontario’s Endangered Species Act: Proposed Changes
e) Lake Superior Scottish Regiment New War Memorial
f) NextBridge Information
g) Federal and Provincial Infrastructure Funding
h) NWMO Update
i) MNRF Lakehead Forest Management Plan 2020-2030
j) Resolutions i) City of Brantford

11. Any other Business

12. In Camera

13. Adjourn

 Edge Arts Studio = New front Street revitalization of abandoned buildings into art centric work space and training facility



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