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As some of you may be aware I am now editing, designing and writing at the Nipigon Gazette. Not a huge jump for me and I have some great ideas and plans going forward.

My first centerfold edition will be coming out this week (Tuesday June 11) in which I have written and compiled numerous articles to help people start and grow successful vegetable gardens here in Northwest Ontario. The articles rely heavily on the square foot gardening method which allows for easy garden maintenance and improved yield sizes. This is one of many special sections I am looking at putting together in the coming months. 

Others will include detailed and in-depth information and resources on our trails, starting with the new portage trail that runs right down front street and includes the new bridge and look off tower. Other official trails will follow. 

Additional gardening sections will come later in the summer and again at harvest time, I have a wild and edible/medicinal plant section coming along as well as a wild edible mushroom guide.

Then there are computer sections and articles, fishing and hunting specials and more. If you have any suggestions let me know.

The articles and special sections I write will be reproduced and displayed throughout my websites as well although they will appear in the Gazette first for sure and not all articles will make it online. I encourage all to help me elevate the Nipigon Gazette into a great, sustainable, small town newspaper it deserves to be. 


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